Flood Insurance

Flood insurance is coverage that not only protects your prized asset, but also the household effects inside your home. Even if you do not live in a flood zone, it is still good to get flood insurance because, with changes in climate, you never know when your home may be listed in a flood zone. Moreover, natural disasters do not have a specific address. They can happen anywhere and to anyone. Therefore, it is always good to have flood insurance. Just so you are aware, your homeowner’s insurance cannot protect you from damages due to flood. Flood insurance is entirely different.

Stay Protected

If you want to protect your home against water damage as a result of a flood, then you must speak to one of the agents at Triest Agency in South Carolina to help with choosing the best policy for your particular situation. One thing to note about your coverage is that water damage caused by, for example, heavy local rainfall or high groundwater level is not covered.

Why Should You Take Out Flood Insurance?

Flood insurance is an important addition to your current home insurance policy. The contents and home insurance do not provide cover for damage caused by a flood. If you don’t have flood insurance, you are going to have to stand the losses. Moreover, most mortgage companies have a flood insurance mandate that you have to obey, especially, if you are in a flood zone.

Are There Non-Insurable Risks?

Yes, there are. Not everything can be insured. If the object is unprotected, for example directly outside the dike on a river, then it may be that no insurance is offered. This area is not protected from flooding. This area is often referred to as flood plains.

Why Is Flood Risk Insurable?

Floods can cause irreparable damage to one’s home and if you have taken out a mortgage, the company wants to be reassured by an insurance policy that their asset is protected. If, as a result of the flood, the house is seriously damaged beyond repair, the liability would shift to the insurance company with whom you have the flood insurance. In addition, the government through FEMA will also compensate you for damages, but you must show proof of flood insurance. The agents at Triest Agency in South Carolina have all the answers you need to secure flood insurance.